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The students of the University of Essex participated in the Olympic torch relay 2012

A passionate lover of sport dvadtsatiodnoletny Kate, who will carry the Olympic torch on 5 July, was nominated by her sister Stephanie . Scott, who is currently training with the British Olympic team in a warm Los Angeles, will carry the Olympic torch in the London borough of Haringey on 25 July.

The Olympic torch will be in the campus of the University of Essex in Colchester on 6 July at 7.28.

"I look forward to that day, reports cat. – I did not expect that me will choose all the participants of the Olympic torch relay such an outstanding personality!" Besides the fact that Kate focused on the last year of the first higher education, she also works as a teaching assistant in the University sports centre. Thanks to the unique system of training developed by the University of Essex, kat also works as the assistant for scientific and sports activities, with a focus on schools and sports elite. But that's not all! Kat coached the football team in his native town, and acts as a midfielder in the women's football team of the city of Ipswich.

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Scott temporarily postponed training last year to fully concentrate on training for the javelin in the wheelchair category F42 (amputated limb, the part with the prosthesis). Currently, he is ranked second in the world, a javelin thrower among the Paralympic athletes, as evidenced recently awarded to him by the inhabitants of Colchester named Athlete of the Year.