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A student of the University of Greenwich selected torchbearers in the Olympic torch relay 2012

A sophomore at the University of Greenwichstudying business programme BA International Business , July 21, 2012 will participate in the Olympic torch relay.

Through its numerous achievements, a native of the London suburb of mill hill twenty Rajgor Priya (Priya Rajgor) selected participant of the Olympic torch relay passing on the eve of the London Olympics 2012. Radar have to run with the Olympic torch three hundred meters distance between Greenwich and London area Waltham forest.

Priya was nominated for election to the torch her father Manoj, noting the active participation of his daughter in such charity organizations as Dreams Come True, the Samaritans and the Noah's Ark Children's Hospice. This year, Radar has already participated in two marathon runs and going to run third.

"When I was informed that I passed the final candidates for participation in the Olympic torch relay, I just couldn't believe it, says Priya. – Nominations for the marathon got thousands of people, and I did not expect that it will be in the list of finalists".

"Participation in marathon of the Olympic flame for me a great happiness and a great honour," continues Rajgor.

"I am very proud of my daughter, says her father Mr. Rajgor. – I believe that his work in charitable organizations, she was able to change the lives of many people. Now the whole world will be able to enjoy her success."

The University of Greenwich is the official site of the Olympic games 2012.