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Paid internships for students of Royal Holloway University

The program MSc Entrepreneurship at Royal Holloway University is unique in that it offers its students pass the annual practical training in leading British and international companies.

Despite the fact that students are looking for internship, career center of the University helps students with job search, resume writing and cover letters and preparing for interviews.

Many companies come to the University campus from October to may, when the University actively organizes various career events, such as exhibitions, seminars, and meetings. This gives students the opportunity to learn directly from companies, and what internships they offer and what are the requirements for candidates. In addition to the activities on campus, career center, University of Royal Holloway organises several events per year in London. >> Send questions about training in the University.

Among the partners of Royal Hollowaywho accept the internship students, dozens of British and international companies. Examples of companies in which students can take internships:


International company providing services in the field of consulting and auditing. Part of the "big four"audit companies.

One of the largest financial co conglomerates in the world headquartered in London.

Toyota (GB)
The largest Japanese automobile company with several other areas in the business.

How many are students at Royal Holloway during the internship?

All internships organised by Royal Holloway - paid. The minimum wage is £6.50 per hour (about 520 rubles), or about £50 a day (about 4000 rubles)

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