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The University of Lancaster is a perfect example of the British collegiate University

University of Lancaster - not just one of the leading universities in the UK (included in the top 10 educational institutions of the country according to The Complete University Guide 2015), but also one of the few collegiate universities in the United Kingdom. Among the other collegiate universities - the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and York.

Collegiate University means the presence in the school system colleges. That is, by enrolling in the University of Lancasterin addition to their faculty and programmes You are attached to a particular Collegewhere You will live while studying. Each College brings together students of different specialties. Colleges - not just students living together, but a close student community in which students help and support each other.

In the University of Lancaster is 9 colleges, each of them has its own special character. The graduates say that it belongs to the College did their student life more colorful and rich.

Colleges University of Lancaster:


Bowland College

Very small College is one of the oldest on campus. Among the values of students of Bowland College - tolerance, caring about each other and respect. A distinctive feature of the College is a close relationship between senior and Junior students.

The motto of the College: "Bowland till I die"

Cartmel College

Students from the College love to work hard and rest well. There is an atmosphere of support and friendship. Here everyone strives to reach their potential. Additionally, the College boasts one of the largest and most beautiful dining halls on campus.

The motto of the College: "Live the dream"

The County College

The largest of the colleges for undergraduate students. Here, the emphasis is on diversified development, so students try not only to do well in school, but also to participate in sports, cultural and social life of the University.

The motto of the College: "Nothing without advice, due consideration and understanding"


 Fylde College

The College is famous for sports achievements, is here joined by students who have achieved high sports results. Here know firsthand about teamwork, the will to win and desire to be the best.

The motto of the College: "Seek truth in the field"


Furness College

A small College, known for its active cultural life. University legend has it that each student secretly wants to be a part of Furness College.

The motto of the College: "Everywhere else is nowhere"

Pendle College

The students of this College to honor the University's traditions and value academic success. If You are indifferent to others and strive to change the world around for the better, Pendle College will become your second home.

The motto of the College: "Strive to reach the top"

Grizedale College

Students are actively engaged in the development of Grizedale College, where an atmosphere of generosity, mutual assistance and friendliness. The building of the College was most recently renovated. Now this is the most eco-friendly Dorm on campus.

The motto of the College: "Never forget"

Lonsdale College

One of the largest colleges of the University. The atmosphere in the bar Lonsdale College easily competes with the best pubs of Lancaster. Being a part of this College, you would easily fit in his friendly and cheerful staff.

The motto of the College: "Simply the best"

Graduate College

The only College for master's degree students. You will find a rich campus life and all the support. In addition, the Graduate College boasts its own bar.

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