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4.09.10. The best city for students

The guardian published his study of the living conditions of British students in different cities of the country. As indicators were taken as the cost of living in the room for one person in a student and private hostels, rented apartment, as well as average expenses for food and pocket money. The lowest rate with an independent food starts from 53,50 pounds (about 2500 rubles) per week in Bradford, Northern England, rising to 99 pounds (about 4,600 rubles) in Durham, North-West of England. The most expensive accommodation with meals in Edinburgh. It is 216,44 pounds (10,000 rubles) per week. Overall, the study shows that the typical student spends on accommodation, food and pocket money of not less than 7000 pounds (about 330,000 rubles) in the first year of study. Costs following years of training may be reduced to £ 6,000 due to the reduction of the cost of payment.