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26.04.10. Edge Hill University: new postgraduate courses

University edge hill has developed two new postgraduate program for professionals engaged in the field of charity and volunteer work. The program is Voluntary and Third Sector Management focused on the development of managerial skills, entrepreneurship and ability to work in a team in the field of volunteering and of so-called "third sector" (the sector of economy whose goal is not profit: voluntary work, charity, etc.). The emphasis in training will be placed on current issues of strategic development, volunteer management, and topics, which change the form of volunteer work and programs of the third sector.

Equality and Diversity Management course directed to the theory and practice of managing equality and diversity. It has dual emphasis on participation and involvement and the use of evidence in decision-making. The program will cover legal and political issues that shape the practice of equality and diversity, development of a strategic approach to integration and the development of practice participation in the community and society.

Both courses will be taught at the level of postgraduate certificate, diploma or master degree (Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters).