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Interview with Claude Litteram about the relevance of MBA

The name Claude Littner (Claude Littner) is widely known in the business world. He was Chairman and CEO of Amstrad International, founded by the legendary British tycoon and billionaire Lord Sugar. From 1993 to 1998, Mr. Littner was head of the firm's Tottenham Hotspur, and then served as Chairman of a large IT company Viglen.

Claude Littner has gained national popularity, becoming the star of a well-known business program of BBC's TheApprentice, where he conducted interviews with candidates to participate in a reality show.

Recently, billionaire Lord Sugar has opened a business school the Claude Littner at the University of West London.

Mr Littner, who himself was a student at the University of West London, and answered relevant questions how to achieve success in today's highly competitive business world.

Many businessmen are of the opinion that the key to success is the presence of real business experience. How do you compare the importance of theoretical education and receive an MBA with the availability of direct experience in the industry?

Real experience cannot be replaced. Theoretical education performs two main functions: first, it's just the pleasure of acquiring valuable knowledge accumulated by mankind in the relevant field; second, education helps to navigate and find the right decisions when faced with complex and multifaceted problems inherent in the modern world of real business.

The cost of MBA programs at British universities in the tens of thousands of pounds. Whether such investments?

Investing money in education, along with the considerable time required to obtain the qualification is a serious points that should be carefully considered and weighed the pros and cons. But, undoubtedly, the facts indicate that the presence of an MBA degree helps in career and I recommend all who have the ability to business, to make certain sacrifices for the subsequent result.

If you, being young again, standing now before the choice – to go to University, paying 9 thousand pounds, or to begin at once to work, what would be your decision?

I would definitely chose education. I liked to study and the years spent at the University helped me gain maturity and understand what I want to do and where to work.

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