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Brilliant career prospects for graduates of Birkbeck
Brilliant career prospects for graduates of Birkbeck
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Brilliant career prospects for graduates of Birkbeck

Curriculum for international business represent the fastest growing segment in the world of higher education and graduates who have knowledge in this area, you can count on rapid career growth in various areas.

Today China, India and Japan are among the top five countries with the strongest economy, and the majority of world GDP is generated outside the United States and Europe. In this regard, the understanding of the mechanism of functioning of business in different countries, the underlying relationships inherent in the global market system is extremely relevant. Graduates programme International Business are in demand worldwide, they are willing to take a job with a multinational company, specializing in different areas.

Why you should pay attention to the program of international business?

Knowledge and practical experience gained by students in the International Business programs, are the most valuable asset when building a career. Says Dr. Paz Estrella Tolentino, head of the Department of international business, University of Birkbeck, today and in the future there will be a huge demand for specialists in the field of international business, which is reflected in the large number of vacancies for graduates in various companies.

What is included in the training course?

Master program MSc International Business provides deep knowledge of how any modern business is integrated into global network – for example, through the relationship supplier-customer, or in the context of the establishment of branches or subsidiaries of enterprises or in the framework of relations with European financial funds and the practice of international laws and treaties.

London's evening University Birkbeck has an excellent reputation in training students in the field of international business. A big plus is the strategic location of the University in London, where the head offices of the world's leading business empires.

Birkbeck offers three postgraduate educational programs:

MSc International Business – master of international business

MSc International Business and Development – master in international business and development

Msc International Management – master in international management.

Courses consist of the following basic modules:

• international business environment: international and comparative practice,

• strategy development

• international business ethics,

• international business: theory and practice,

• international management personnel

• international marketing.

After 2 or 3 years of study, graduates can expect to receive the post of consultant, senior officer (senior associate), analyst or Manager with good prospects of professional growth.

What are the prospects for graduates in international business?

The graduates receiving diplomas on specialization International Business, get a job in the following areas: accounting (accounting), Finance, marketing, human resources departments (HR).

The most popular positions are:

• Accounting or finance executive (accounting or Finance expert),

• Corporate investment banker (investment banker),

• Human resources officer (specialist of the personnel Department),

• Management consultant (management consultant),

• Marketing executive (marketing expert),

• Purchasing or supply chain manager (Manager on network sales/procurement).

Graduates also work in government organizations or doing science. Many become entrepreneurs and create startups.