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Scholarships of universities and other research organizations to study in the UK

To research organizations include universities, research centers, academies, large libraries, museums, etc. They get a known volume of state financing according to the results of the RAE. In addition, they have the right to apply to Research Councils for additional funds.

Universities are the starting point to search for scholarships. They collect and publish a considerable part of the information simplify the process of finding and filing. In this case the requirements to the candidates, in any case, remain high.

Universities collaborate extensively with foundations, businesses and each other in a number of areas:

  • joint funding of educational programs;
  • educational and scientific exchange;
  • collaborative research;
  • direction students to practice and work (see scholarship POWIS).

This explains the diversity of universities offer scholarships and eligibility requirements. Additional possibilities for grants exist thanks to donations from private sponsors, many of whom were successful graduates of these Universities.

Other research organizations may offer their own funding schemes directly or through universities. They use public funds, contributions of partners and benefactors (see scholarship A British Library Scholarship).

Information about these scholarships and grants are available on the websites of the universities (section International Students/Funding), on the websites of the research organizations and other sources.

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