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Reminder to scholarship applicants

What you should pay attention to when searching for scholarships:

  • criteria for the selection of applicants;
  • special requirements to the programmes, supervisors and students, such as the presence of accreditation in a specific organization, form of education, specialization of the supervisor, membership in professional associations, etc.
  • the presence of mandatory special conditions, such as the possibility of obtaining a work visa at the end of the funded programs, see the scholarship of the Bank of England;
  • for what purpose are allocated, the amount of coverage costs;
  • the duration, possibility of extension or re-treatment;
  • does applying for multiple grants to the same organization, because a violation of this rule may result in the rejection of consideration of applications;
  • the terms and procedure for submission of applications since the scholarship program can be opened at any time of the year;
  • the ratio of time in payment of tuition at the University and the announcement of the decision to award the scholarship.

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