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British scholarship: a Glossary

In the UK there are many types of scholarship payments. Sometimes these payments constitute a single scholarship, in other cases they are provided separately. In the search for scholarships you may encounter with the following titles:





one-off or regular payments, mainly for financially needy students, are made on the basis of the evaluation of the current financial situation of the student and his family. As for getting a visa to the UK prospective student is obliged to confirm its financial stability, providing this kind of payment is almost impossible for foreigners.



regular payments that cover, primarily, the costs of doing research. However, in many cases, the grant can offset up to 100% of the costs. Addressed to PhD students on research, at least – for a master's, programs.



one-time or regularly attributable amount to support scientific research, projects, exchanges, conferences; addressed, as a rule, research organizations and teams and individuals: scientists with PhD degree, at least – graduate students preparing for PhD.


Merit award

kind of financial reward for outstanding academic merit. Most often available as a one-time payment, the certificate or discounts on further study at the University.



regular payments, a promotion from the University for outstanding academic and professional achievements, more work is done over the program and any important for the society activities. Can cover up to 100% of the necessary costs. Addressed students at master's and PhD programs.



regular salaries covering current expenses; can be addressed to students and Master-and PhD - programs, but the last few more often.



1) customized: regular payments, is intended primarily to students of research programmes with a strong vocational components of the PhD and above - for example, New Route PhD. They are something in-between scholarship and grant , and often allow you to work or to undergo training, research, commercial, and industrial organizations in the field of academic interests of the student.

2) collective: financing of research groups and organizations working on specific projects around the world.


Because the British system of scholarship payments is significantly different from the Russian, fixed requirements to their name, the amount and composition does not exist. In most cases, the above terms are standing next to them the transcript. However, any rule there are exceptions.


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