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15.05.10. The virtual world opens up learning for all

British students have downloaded 17 million podcasts , the Open University, with four University channels, hosted on YouTube, using the Apple iTunes U. according to Simon Midgley in the times, now the students of Open University, studying Geology, you no longer need to wait for when they come a package containing boxes of minerals, so they can study their structure. With Feb instead, they can use the virtual microscope.

Open University is known as a pioneer of new teaching technologies. In January 1971, he opened a show on the channel BBC2. The University had and has on his BBC radio program. Television and radio broadcast was followed by video and audio recordings on cassettes, which were replaced by CDs. Now learning is built with the help of interactive DVDs, podcasts and the Internet. Access to the latest you can get with the iPhone and BlackBerry. The site is now laid out 301 the album, containing 2588 tracks, of which 1010 – audio, and 1478 – video.