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01.11.10. The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship

Please join on December 2 at Oxford's Saïd Business School, for a panel discussion around the changing face of European entrepreneurship. The panel will consist primarily of CEOs of young an innovative start-ups from Israel and the UK, including Soluto - recent winners of the TechCrunch Disrupt cup. The Changing Face of European Entrepreneurship: Perspectives from Britain and IsraelIn the ten years since the dotcom bust, entrepreneurship has returned to centre stage both of the global business world and of popular imagination.  The runaway success of businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and many others has demonstrated that small team of people with an idea, passion and a bit of luck can create immense amounts of value. Questions to be addressed include:

Perceptions of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. How is being an entrepreneur perceived in society, and how is that perception changing?

Raising and investing capital. How efficient is the market for early-stage capital?

Location In a globalised world, how much does it matter where you start your business?

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