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The British University will have a support library library.

New General Director of the main British Library (The British Library) promises support to libraries of universities in the UK.

Rowley Keating (Roly Keating) took office as the head of the main library of Britain in September 2012 year, after working 30 years in the air force. Mr Keating supports the idea of free access to the resources of the British Library. According to him, the library should provide the resources "to anyone who wants to conduct research and he has a project that requires use of library resources". The library has already begun a long-term project to digitize its archive, which will provide access to it via the Internet. Mr Keating also said that he wants as soon as possible to turn the library into "the meeting place of the various professionals who use library resources".

The British Library has set itself the task to advise and provide its resources to the libraries of universities in the UK that will significantly increase the amount of information directly available to higher education students. Mr. Keating said that he was amazed the highest level of service offered by University libraries.

Source: Matthew Reisz, Times Higher Educational

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