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The students of Sussex for the preservation of the race, the submission of theses

Students of the University of Sussex conducted a campaign to preserve the "race of the dissertations" - an annual tradition in which undergraduates of the University run campus to present their final works in the Central point of reception of theses. Over the past 20 years, students of Humanities and social Sciences presented their thesis at the same time and place, with a huge crowd of smotreli at last March cast from the library in time to deliver the work on time. This year, however, was cancelled a centralized point of reception of work, leaving the traditional parade at risk of cancellation!

A representative of the University said that the number of students became too large to control the parade-race. "The number of students is increasing, by 2018, we expect 18’000 students and a large number of these students will require a convenient and expedient way of presenting the work and getting results. Of course, the University would like to adapt their systems accordingly. But for these reasons, putting into one focal point is no longer possible." However, "we would like that our students have kept their traditions, so we are discussing with the students how you can adapt your traditions to another method of delivery of works."

For some students, "dissertation race" - a race run that fast on a 250 meter distance from the library to the hall on submissions, others find the time to dress up in costumes and celebrate this event. One student turned around in bubble wrap and came to finish, while other students tie the legs to each other, and race on three legs. Have fun students who take my clothes off at all!

Source: The Guardian, Rebecca Ratcliffe