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BPP offers a guaranteed 6 months paid internship in UK

One of the leading universities in the UK in the field of business and law, BPP University offers a masters program with a guaranteed paid internship of 6 months. Internships offered to students studying management, project management, Finance, marketing and tourism.

How does it work?

3 months before internship service careers BPP evaluates the skills of students to graduate programs the BPP and invites them to attend an interview at the three partner companies BPP, at the position corresponding to the level of knowledge and navicli student. While BPP is helping its students master the skills of professional interviews and self-presentation. The vast majority of students receiving internship offers after the interview.

Training is considered as part of the master's program (1 year study + 6 month internship) and is evaluated by the mentor BPP within the framework of the training program.

>> Send a request to the BPP with the University and get the full information.


During the internship, students receive a salary at least equal to the national minimum wage – £ 6,19 per hour.


For training and internship, a student must obtain a standard student visa Tier 4, which allows the students to work on.

To request more information and check out BPP and their programs here:

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