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About programs, Pre-Masters

Programme Pre-masters - created universities in the UK for international students wishing to improve their academic achievement and improve English language proficiency before entering the graduate program. However, the Pre-Masters are not required and holders of diplomas of the first higher education in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries can enter the graduate program in a British University without completing the programme Pre-Masters.

>> Programme Pre-Masters universities in the UK

Giving Pre-Masters?

  • Chance to enroll in a British University located on a higher ranking position. Students whose average grade is below the required University have the opportunity to enroll in the program master's degree program provided that will successfully complete the program Pre-Masters.
  • The opportunity to improve English and to raise the level of IELTSif the student has failed to achieve the required master's level. For example: in order to enter the program Pre-Maters of the University of Essex You need to pass IELTS 5.5 and graduate programs of the University will require a minimum of IELTS 6.5.
  • The opportunity to new academic subjects, if a student changes specialization. See the study subjects in the programme Pre-Master's in modern the University of Oxford Oxford Brookes University.
  • The opportunity to meet with the academic environment of a British University and to effectively prepare for the master's degree.

Postgraduate training programs typically involve students of the diploma about the first higher education (bachelor's degree) and refer to the postgraduate programs (postgraduate) education.

>> Programme Pre-Masters universities in the UK

Disadvantages of programs Pre-Masters

  • The financial costs of learning and living in the UK, which can be avoided, because Pre-Masters is not a mandatory programme for the degree magistra.
  • Extra time to study on the programme Pre-Masters.

The main characteristics of the programmes Pre-Masters

  • Variable duration from 1 semester to 1 year.
  • Flexible schedule: program can begin in September, January, April or June.
  • Academic modules include a broad range of specialties and areas of training.
  • You will be taught by lecturers from the universities.
  • The opportunity to visit the University library.
  • Students are offered counselling and personal support during the process of filing admission applications to the University.
  • In case of successful completion of the training, a number of programmes ensure bids are received on the receipt from the University. >> Programme Pre-Masters universities in the UK

The content of the programmes Pre-Masters

Programme Pre-Masters include a wide range of areas and prepare students for postuplenie for graduate programs in the following disciplines:

  • Business, management, accounting and Finance
  • Computer science, IT
  • Mathematics, physics
  • Biology, physics
  • Art and design
  • Linguistics, English literature, library science
  • International relations
  • Marketing, PR
  • Psychology, sociology
  • Right
  • Tourism and hospitality

>> Programs of universities in the UK in subjects

All of these programs necessarily include language module (preparation for IELTS), computer training, courses on research methods and academic skills.

Along with Pre-Masters, there are also programs Pre-MBA leading a purposeful preparation for admission to MBA programs British universities, including preparation for the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test).

The entrance requirements for the programmes Pre-Masters

  • The diploma of the first higher education (bachelor or specialist),
  • A certificate confirming knowledge of the English language at a level generally not less than 5.0 - 5.5 (input requirements for English language can also depend on the duration of the program is shorter the program the higher the level of English required).

Some programs offer intensive language courses before the beginning of the Pre-Masters in the case that the level of knowledge of English corresponds to Chandni required.

Opening form, as a rule, quite simple and includes the name of the candidate, information about his previous education, level of knowledge of the English language, as well as the higher education program, which he plans to do. However, the Pre-Masters top-rated universities will require thoughtful motivation letter and two recommendation letters.

The time and cost of training for Pre-Masters

Programme Pre-Masters last from one semester (3 months) to one academic year (9-11 months). The duration of programs, as a rule, corresponds to the level of academic and language skills of the applicant – the higher the initial level of knowledge corresponding to admission requirements, has the candidate, the shorter programs Pre-Masters.

The cost of the programme Pre-Masters varies on average from £3000 per term to £15000 for the annual program.

Postgraduate Diploma/ Certificate

Programme Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate is generally a one-year training programme, not involving the conduct of independent scientific research and related to professional qualifications. Sometimes these qualifications are awarded to students who have completed a master's program, but not defended research project.

Such programmes may be regarded as preparatory for admission to the master's degree is primarily for students who intend to study in the magistracy on a specialty different from that studied in the bachelor degree. Such programs also allow owners of non-British diplomas to improve their academic level to the required for admission to the master's degree of a British University. Those without an honours degree is required for admission to some master's programs also can raise your level on the Postgraduate Diploma programme. To enroll in these programs and those who do not have a diploma about the first higher education, but have significant experience and expertise which can be equated to knowledge graduates of a bachelor degree.

In addition to the programmes Pre-Masters, there are programs with similar functions: Postgradute Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Professional Postgraduate Diploma, Professional/Executive Diploma.

Examples of programs Pre-Master's

International Pre-Masters Programme at King's College London

Pre - Master's at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

Pre-Master's at Oxford Brookes University