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01.06.11. 10 points to the loan agreement of the student

If You expect the flow to high enough a rating program in management, business and Finance, check with the University if he has agreement with banks on lending of foreign students. A graduate of the MSc Finance LBS made a list of questions to help the student receiving credit in tuition:

  1. What are the expected cash payments during the entire term of the loan? Compare interest rates of several banks.Review EI: even if You think that in comparison with the rates in Your country, a foreign Bank gives You a loan almost free;
  2. Is the loan rate fixed or variable? If the rate is a variable rate, will You be able to cope with payments in the case of increasing the stakes?
  3. Are You with rate fluctuations? Review EI: for example, Your future salary will accrue in rubles, and the loan is recorded in pounds; Then