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29.09.10. At British universities has doubled the number of students from non-European countries

According to Graeme Paton, the editor of the column "Education" edition of "the Telegraph", in the 2008/9 academic year, places at the UK's universities received more than 250 thousand students from non-European countries. A decade ago there were about 122 thousand people. According to the Association of UK universities (Universities UK), over the last ten years the number of students from countries outside the EU increased from 6.6% to 10.4%. The leader in the number of students in UK higher education programs China: in the 2008/9 academic year in British universities, there were 49000 Chinese students and graduate students. In addition to them, a significant portion of the student population are students from India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United States. The weakening of the pound will also contribute to the further influx of foreign students in universities of the United Kingdom.