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29.06.10. The discovery of DNA is recognized as the most important discovery in the UK

A survey of scientists in the UKcarried out in June this year showed that the discovery of DNA is considered the most important made by British scientists. The survey was conducted in celebration of the University week, which took place on 14-20 June. The disclosure of the structure of DNA, perfect February 28, 1953, Cambridge University, ahead of other key research and development made by universities in the United Kingdom, such as the creation of the computer, the cloning of Dolly the sheep (the Roslin Institute), the creation of the contraceptive pill(Manchester University) and many others. The primacy of the discovery of DNA was recognized by 26% of the vote, ahead of the study of genetic fingerprints, which received a 12.5% (University of Leicester) and the birth of the first working computer (Manchester University) and 7.6%.