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Direct link with foreign universities

From the website of the Education Index free to ask the representative of the University in the catalog of foreign universities. The issue with website is sent directly to the University. On the questions of the students and their parents meet representatives of the international departments of universities. The response comes to your email address within 24-48 hours. In many universities, you can ask questions in Russian, the translation is made by a team of Education Index.

Why send a request to the University?

  • Find out what your chances for admission
  • To clarify admission requirements, list of documents to submit, deadlines
  • To request information about a particular program
  • To clarify the cost of tuition and accommodation, and much more

Examples of queries in foreign universities

Request in a foreign University might look like this:

Feel free to ask questions of - representatives of universities always say!

What to consider when sending the request?

  • Don't be afraid to make a mistake, if you write in English, your question will be read to the representative of the international Department, not the admissions Committee of the University. You can also ask a question in Russian, we will translate it before sending it to the University.
  • If your question is about the entrance requirements:
    - Tell about your education, for example: "I am going to receive Attestat in June 2017".
    - Tell about your grades, for example: "My average grade is 4.1 out of 5.0".
    For graduate programs, specify your specialty in the first higher.
    - If the test of English as a foreign language delivered, specify the name of the test and its score, for example: "My IELTS is 6.0".

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