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9.02.10. Brave new curriculum

With that in mind, Aberdeen – one of the UK's oldest academic institutions – has become the first university in the country to significantly re-shape its curriculum. From this year, new undergraduates will find their study options transformed, with an eye to easing their way into the workplace.

Aberdeen took its lead from the University of Melbourne, which initiated a radical restructuring exercise in 2007 to broaden out its undergraduate curriculum; what became known as the Melbourne model. Harvard, Hong Kong and Yale have all undergone similar reforms.

The university has retained its traditional four-year degree, but alongside their core discipline, new students will be required to study at least one course each year from what are known as "sixth-century courses" (so named because the university, founded in 1495, is in its sixth century) – topics include risk in society, science and the media, the health and wealth of nations, and sustainability. They can also choose sustained study programmes that will run parallel to their main subject, in languages, science or business. Full article