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17.03.10. Make sure that additional education will add value to your CV

Helen Connor, a consultant for the Council for industry and higher education (CIHE) said that 75% of surveyed employers stated that they try to employ owners of post-graduate (master's) degrees. Thus, there is no evidence that the owners of the workshops of the degree show the best results. However, they are more likely to pass through the selection process, even where employers do not see the benefits in candidates with master degrees.

Potential financial benefits for holders of postgraduate degrees is clear. Research Fund of Sutton (Sutton Trust) say that having a master's degree over their lifetime earn an average of 1.75 million pounds or 15 percent more than those who received only the first degree. The average starting salary for graduates in 2008 was £ 24,000 compared to £ 19,500 for graduates with a bachelor's degree.
According to the Association of recruiters of College graduates (Association of Graduate Recruiters) this year a third of UK employers plan to offer a financial premium for the availability of postgraduate degrees, an increase of 11.7 % over last year. The highest award will be given to holders of a PhD degree, and then degree of master of arts (MA) or master of science (MSc).