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07.04.10. Cardiff University: the high quality social Sciences

Two professors from Cardiff University was awarded for significant contribution to social science and its promotion. They cemented the place of the University as one of the leading institutions in the UK having among its employees of academicians of the Academy of social Sciences (Academy of Social Sciences - AcSS). In the recent round of nomination to the rank of academicians AcSS received Professor David Boucher, head of the Department study the problems of Europe and Professor Rick Delbridge, Deputy Dean of the business school of Cardiff for scientific work. Professor Boucher wrote extensively on socio-political theory and has received international acclaim for their work in this area. Professor Delbridge has extensive experience studying and teaching various aspects of organization theory and management. He made a significant contribution to the work and management of the scientific community, especially in the UK. Cardiff University now has 24 teachers, a member of the Academy of social Sciences.