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Berkeley College


New York City is like no other place in the world! It is the hub of world business, commerce, and fashion...the city that never sleeps! Berkeley’s NYC campus is in the heart of “The Big Apple,” where students can take advantage of the many educational and cultural experiences the city offers. Other locations are in nearby Brooklyn and White Plains, New York, and throughout New Jersey.

Founded in 1931, Berkeley College is a private academic institution specializing in career-focused education that helps students prepare for professional and personal success in the global business world.

What makes Berkeley College different?

• The opportunity to study in the heart of the New York metro area.

• Berkeley College is global.

• Faculty chosen for academic excellence and relevant professional experience.

• The convenience of studying on-site, online, or both.

• Tuition freeze and scholarships are available to qualified students.

Valuable, practical experience through program-related, faculty-monitored internships, practicums, or job-related assignments.

• Supportive international community atmosphere with students from nearly 100 countries.

• Career-focused programs regularly updated to meet professional market demands with free lifetime career assistance for graduates.

Berkeley is committed to preparing students for success in the rapidly changing, competitive business world. Its curriculum, consisting of specialized business coursework combined with valuable, practical experience through program-related, faculty-monitored internships, practicums, or job-related assignments, can help prepare students for success.

Berkeley offers a range of degree and certificate programs to help prepare students for some of today’s most in-demand careers. Programs are developed with input from industry experts to prepare students for the professional world. Updates give students the current skills that employers require and programs are added to reflect the professional marketplace. 

Berkeley College has built solid relationships with many businesses in the metro area, which have resulted in opportunities for its students. Berkeley students have participated in New York City’s Fashion Week.

Programs are offered through the Larry L. Luing School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies, and the School of Graduate Studies. Undergraduate curricula are supported by the School of Liberal Arts to ensure a well-rounded education.

Berkeley faculty members are chosen for their excellent academic credentials and relevant professional experience. Many students develop positive connections with instructors, who offer close, personal attention, and are committed to their personal, academic, and professional success.

Berkeley recognizes the educational value in exchanging global perspectives and has more than 700 international students representing nearly 80 countries. Based on its total number of international students, Berkeley Colleges is ranked No. 7 among specialized institutions in the United States according to the 2015 Open Doors Report, Institute of International Education. 

Berkeley has also a global network of graduates working for a wide range of companies throughout the world.

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    New York
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Academic specialism

Berkeley’s Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Graduate degree programs include: accounting, fashion merchandising and management, financial services, general business, graphic design, health services management, information technology management, interior design, international business, justice studies – criminal justice, legal studies, management, MBA management and marketing communications.


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Berkeley College
12 East 41st Street,
14th Floor New York
NY 10017
United States
United States
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The New York area is the heart of economic activity, offering close proximity to Fortune 500 firms, financial institutions, the New York Stock Exchange and major technology and consulting companies. New York is also considered a fashion capital.  Major design houses are also nearby.