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Embassy English. New York

New York, United States

Embassy English NEW YORK - one of the best language schools on the territory of the United States. The center of English language Embassy is located in New York, the southern part of the island of Manhattan. Each person has three reasons to love new York:

  • a huge metropolis with business centers, restaurants, museums and the new York stock exchange;
  • the center of American culture;
  • multimillion-dollar international population.

America is a land of opportunities, one of which - the study of English language offers Manhattan training center Embassy English.

A variety of courses will allow you to choose this school. Students are offered:

  • standard and intensive programmes, 'Standard+';
  • English courses for beginners;
  • optional courses to develop communication skills and business language style;
  • academic English to prepare for entrance exams.

Rhythm of the living city will not get bored the most phlegmatic students: within walking distance schools are located, with many sights not to be missed which, being in new York for more than an hour is a crime. In his free time you can stroll through times Square, with its iconic Empire state building.

Living in New York will be in the family or a hostel. The latter prerequisite is the attainment of 18 years of age. Families will be fed twice a day - Breakfast and dinner, or just Breakfast, on campus to eat independently and not in vain, in search of food it is possible to study more the Big Apple, also known as the city.

New Yorkers - business, but open and positive people, to communicate with them is a pleasure. Become one of them at least a couple of weeks just to book English language courses at Embassy English NEW YORK.



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328 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001, USA


24 min. by car or 14 min. by public transport.

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