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English language courses in New York

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Embassy English

 United States, New York

От 16 лет


EC English. New York

 United States, New York

От 16 лет


EC English. New York 30+

 United States, New York

От 16 лет


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English in New York

New York- world's financial, scientific and educational center, the capital of fashion, art and culture attracts many people who are planning courses of English language. In new York, work of the prestigious language schools offering a wide range of programs and options for their passage.

Heart of new York is undoubtedly Manhattan. Here the business and cultural life of the Big Apple: wall Street and Broadway, Central Park, SOHO Arts district — a place buzzing with creative life and inhabited by artists, writers and Bohemians of all stripes. In new York city is the statue of Liberty.

The incredible rhythm of this huge city, life, bustling day and night, and with nothing comparable to the atmosphere of freedom and, perhaps, this of the main arguments in favor of choosing schools in new York to study English.

What to study for English language courses in New York?

  • General English course — all levels, lessons in group and individually.
  • Academic English certificates English as a foreign language — IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge certificate of English.
  • English for business, Business English.

In addition, students planning to study English at language schools new York, can pick up groups by age. To clarify the presence of such groups has a language school.

Summer English courses in new York for adults offer the same programs that go throughout the rest of the year, and the range of extra-curricular activities and entertainment may be significantly different. Fitness Zumba, ping pong, fishing and outdoors in the parks of new York city, film screenings, concerts of various performers — from small jazz bands and country groups for the performance of the Philharmonic orchestra of new York and the artists of the Metropolitan Opera — dance lessons, circus shows and comedy shows — these and many other events are completely free. Many of them will be very useful for improving your English!

And if you add to this list of conditional fee (as entrance to museums during certain hours and days, tickets for Broadway shows discounts, etc.), paid entertainment, it becomes clear that miss summer new York you just do not give. But don't forget to allocate time for sleep and rest to come to your English classes with a clear head.

The choice of accommodation in New York

In the package of English language courses in new York with accommodation usually include one of the following choices:

  • Dorm (Student's house), student residence / summer residence is the most economical option;
  • Hostel, Breakfast is a cost effective option;
  • Homestay in new York, Breakfast, Breakfast/dinner, at least — without food.
  • Apartments for rent — average value option;
  • The hotel Breakfast is the most expensive option.

In most cases, language schools in new York offer students the accommodation options, and look for them independently is not required. In any case, choosing a residence, consider its distance from the language school. In major U.S. cities transport can be a problem!

One of the most popular options for the duration of study - English language courses in new York for 2 weeks. According to the students, this time is optimal from the point of view of Finance expended and the result achieved. Although to fly to the USA so far that I want to stay there longer!

The cost of English language courses in New York

The approximate cost of English language courses in new York for 2 weeks with homestay:

  • General English, 20 lessons from $1483;
  • General English, intensive course, 30 lessons — $1673;
  • General English, intensive, Study & Live in your Teacher's Home' — from $3021;
  • General English + preparation for language exams TOEFL 20 lessons $1491;
  • General English, individually, 10 lessons — $2065;
  • Business English group 20 lessons from $1491;
  • Business English mini group intensive course 30 lessons — $2992;
  • Business English mini group + individual, 20 lessons in group + 10 individual — $3078.

Also don't forget to budget the cost of food and transportation, tickets and visa. For a surcharge, you can take individual lessons with a teacher that will help you to understand what is simple for you personally. In addition, almost all language schools in new York to organize students ' leisure time activities: sightseeing, cultural and sports programs.