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English language courses in USA

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Embassy English

 United States, New York

От 16 лет


EC English. New York

 United States, New York

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EC English. New York 30+

 United States, New York

От 16 лет


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English language in the United States

This page presents accredited language schools USA, proven public and private providers of quality education.

We report the most important information about courses and English language schools in USA that will help you make an informed choice and quality. Quality training + immersion + your persistence in study = do you speak English. Choose courses and English language schools in America online, learn with fun and enjoy the time spent in a fascinating country - the United States.

All courses can be booked and paid online.

Features of teaching English in language schools in America

American English as different from British version, as a way of life and culture of America differ from the British way of life and mentality.

USA — a country of “high achievement” with boundless faith in freedom and progress, where you can meet representatives of probably every culture in the world in any capacity, at any rank. Study and life in the United States give the opportunity to be in a really international environment. Study in language schools in America you can build so as to combine education and activities, and not to miss a single opportunity to practice and receive feedback, you can stay in the house of the teacher.

Learn English in America, not only in the class — many English language schools in the USA offer their students a varied cultural and sports program. With teachers from some schools you can even take a trip around the country — interesting and very convenient!

Courses in language schools USA

English language schools in America offer a variety of courses, programs and training options. In order to make it easier to understand them, we combine the most important characteristics of programmes in several groups.

1. The content of the programs:

  • General English levels: Basic, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Super-Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced.
  • Professional English — business vocabulary, English for economists, lawyers, accountants, etc. For these programs the student must have a language level “zero” to study them will not work.
  • Academic English — preparation for TOEFL, IELTS to prospective students.
  • The training program Study & Live in your Teacher's Home.

2. The intensity of the training program:

  • Partial load, 10-15 hours per week — usually, on standard, a great option for travelers who want to combine leisure and learning English language courses in the United States.
  • Standard load, 18-20 hours per week — leave enough time for homework, socializing, museums, entertainment and shopping.
  • Intensive, 20-30 hours a week is the most popular among foreign students learning format, allowing you to quickly master a large amount of material, but still leave some time for socializing and entertainment.
  • Super-intensive, 35+ hours per week — suitable for the most motivated students, as it implies that you are almost completely focus in the classroom, but free time is not so much. But this pace can count on the impressive progress.

3. Size of study groups:

  • Standard groups up to 15 people - quite a large group that requires student activity: don't be shy to ask questions, request additional explanations and, of course, it is very important to work hard, efficiently performing all tasks.
  • Mini-groups of 4-8 people — according to many English language teachers, is the optimal size of the group, which is easier to absorb new material, to learn to understand different people and listening to practice speaking skills.
  • Individual lessons — classes are one-on-one with the teacher, perhaps, the most effective method of language learning, because they provide an individual approach and allow you to pay maximum attention to issues of the greatest difficulties.

So, choosing English courses in America, determine: the content of the program — strength training —group size.

Accommodation options in the US for students to American language schools

Students of the American language schools can choose from the following accommodation options:

  • Hostel / student residence / student residence summer without food or with Breakfast — the most economical option;
  • Apartment/ residence, usually no power — average value option;
  • Accommodation in an American family with Breakfast/ Breakfast+dinner — average value option;
  • Hotel without meals, Breakfast, half Board — expensive option;
  • Accommodation in a family of teachers — the most expensive option.
  • When choosing accommodation, especially in large cities, pay attention to the distance of housing from schools, not to lose time in traffic jams and not to spend extra money on transportation.

The cost of English language courses in USA

Prices on learning English in the U.S. primarily depend on the city where you plan to study, and also from the shape of training: private lessons or homestay teacher will be the highest.

The approximate cost of English language courses in USA for 2 weeks homestay:

  • General English, 20 lessons — from $1185;
  • General English, superintensive, 35 classes from $1564;
  • General English, Study & Live in your Teacher's Home' — from $3487;
  • General English + preparation for language exams TOEFL, 18 classes — from $1597;
  • General English, individual, 30 classes — $5280;
  • Business English mini group 20 lessons from $2278.

Cheap English courses in USA

It is important to understand that the majority of the budget is not the cost of the courses, flights and accommodation. Standard English courses in USA are in General inexpensive - from $500, — if you study in an ordinary group. Mini-group, individual tuition and accommodation in a family of teachers significantly increase the cost of the course.

In order to learn English in America inexpensive cost, try reducing the main expenditure items:

  • find cheap airline tickets;
  • to find affordable housing;
  • to determine the nutrition plan.

Get all possible discounts: student, standard, transport, tours, museums, communications, etc.

The possibility of studying the English language in America are diverse. If you devote some time to study the proposals, you can easily find the perfect option for themselves.