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we have selected for you only the accredited school with an excellent reputation.
We will support You with free advice, and the cost of the course average will be 5% cheaper
than when booking at a language school directly.
Education Index team.

I made the decision about studying for an MBA abroad, with English level is below Intermediate. During the year I raised it to Advanced, but the desired score GMAT was able to achieve only after a 3-week language course in England. Tested by hundreds of our students and myself: immersion in the language environment allows you to learn the language faster and better! ,
Yana Drapkina, founder of Education Index, 2017.

How to book a course

  • 1

    Chosen course

  • 2

    Submit your application

  • 3

    Take a call from us

  • 4

    Make a deposit

  • 5

    Will receive a letter for visa

  • 6

    Pay the balance

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    Learn and relax

Detailed information about each step

Choose the country and city where you want to study and among the selected schools will pick up the course, with the number of classes that best suits you. Specify whether you need accommodation and what kind. If the choice of school or course you have any difficulties, call us, our experts will tell you!
Send a booking request for the selected course. Enter your contact details.
After receiving your request, our specialist will contact you to clarify the details of your order and paperwork.
After agreeing on the order, make a Deposit that guarantees you a place in the selected course.
If you need a visa, the school will send you the visa letter you need to apply for your visa.
Payment of the full cost of the course should be made 3-4 weeks before the start of the course. Exceptions are schools in Ireland and Canada, which require a full prepayment of the course to send a visa letter.

Booking terms & conditions

School booking conditions

Application deadline - if you need a visa, book a place in the language course 6 weeks or more before the start of classes

The minimum period of study - all courses start on Monday, the minimum period of study is one week

Rules of admission of payment

Deposit - after receiving a booking request, we will ask you to pay a Deposit, which will guarantee a place on the selected course

Payment of the balance - after agreeing on the details of the reservation and visa documents, we will send you an Email invoice for online payment. Many schools require 100% payment before sending a visa letter. In most cases, the course must be fully paid for 3-4 weeks before the start of studies

Rules of registration of visas

Invitation from the school - to obtain a visa, you will need the original invitation of the school, which is sent by mail

Documents for visa - we will give you instructions on the preparation of documents for a visa and, if necessary, will provide a service for the verification of documents (extra charge)

In case of visa refusal - the school will return all funds received, withholding a fee for the transfer of funds

Questions about booking language schools

If you are denied a visa, the school will refund your course fee with a small transfer fee. We will be happy to assist you with re-applying for a visa and reschedule your course booking.
Each school provides a transfer from the airport and back, we will be happy to help you with its design. The cost of the transfer depends on the transfer company and the distance from the airport to the school, so please let us know about the transfer and we will guide you on the cost.
Sure you can! This will need to be communicated in advance and, subject to availability, the reservation will be extended at an additional cost.
Each school offers a variety of leisure activities. We recommend you to fully immerse yourself in the life and atmosphere of the country you have chosen, to take part in extracurricular activities of the school, but do not forget about your studies!

Language courses and schools abroad

Knowledge of foreign languages is necessary in today's world - to find a good job, feel confident to travel, to have access to information, to read interesting books and blogs, to communicate, to use applications and programs that are not yet translated into the native language, to make purchases in foreign online stores.

Language courses abroad is an opportunity to have fun and spend time: to raise the level of language proficiency, to get new acquaintances and to know better other cultures and feel confident in everyday situations.

In many countries you can pick up language courses by age of student, there are courses for children 5 to 15 years, adolescents and young adults 16-26 years old, middle-aged, 26-55 and for the older generation, the so-called “third age”, 55+.

Language schools abroad: how to choose

In the world huge selection of language schools, courses and programs that will help to help you to achieve your goals is to learn a foreign language. In order to get from studying at a language school abroad is the high, collect as much information as possible:

  • The reputation of the language school among similar schools.
  • Your level of proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Types of programs offered by international school of foreign languages.
  • For more events, organized by the language school.
  • The school's reputation among students.

Your level of proficiency in a foreign language. To know the level of proficiency is not difficult in the country - enough to pass the test in a language course. This is often done free of charge and without leaving home - via the Internet.

Types of programs offered by international school of foreign languages. Programs language schools there are General and specialized - for business, lawyers, accountants, etc. Separately allocated to the program for applicants and students who plan to study abroad, test preparation for knowledge of a foreign language.

For more events, organized by the language school. Most of the activities carried out by the schools depends on the location of the school. If you want to combine parties and English language, this is new York, London, Los Angeles, if you want to spend your free time surfing, then you can go to Australia, there are resort areas by the sea where you can relax with your family and work out the English, these locations include Brighton in England and of course, if you love beautiful architecture and tours of Oxford and Cambridge. All language schools offer students to participate in free and paid tours, festivals, sporting events, etc. Find out what events will take place nearby that offered by the schools that interest you. In many countries an independent visit such events can be expensive, and the school's offer can be much more economical. In addition, the school will take care of all organizational aspects, which will save precious time of your busy holiday or vacation.

The school's reputation among students - read the reviews on the sites that you can trust. Try to find a school that fits your interests and age. If you have good language skills but lack the experience, you will be interested to spend time with students your age with whom you will meet, to chat, to have fun. If you are going to learn the language with the purpose of obtaining a certificate and you need a 'scholarly' environment, in this case, perhaps more suited to more adult group.

These steps will help accurately reflect your goals and preferences and choose the language school abroad, study in which you will be satisfied.

Summer language courses abroad

Summer - time of holidays, a great time to go abroad. Summer language courses abroad allow you to spend it not only with pleasure but also with a huge advantage, because the cost of training is a long term investment in yourself, your career and life.
As a rule, language schools operate year-round and summer strengthen cultural and entertainment program, focusing on the large flow of children and young people. But adults who want to study at summer language courses abroad, there are plenty to choose from.


Any foreign language teacher will say that the immersion forces you to concentrate, to say here and now that many times accelerates the progress of the student. Language schools abroad is a great opportunity to spend your vacation or holidays with fun and benefit.