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King's Russia Institute: admission to the master's and PhD programs

King's Russia InstituteInstitute of Russian studies, king's College London (King's College London) opened the first admission to programs conferring scientific degrees - MSc, Russian Politics and Society (MSC, Russian politics and society) and PhD Russian & Eurasian Studies (Studies Russia and Eurasia). Training programs will begin in the fall of 2013.

The new program offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of complex tasks and solving the most important problems of Russian domestic and international politics.

Students in the programme MSc, Russian Politics and Society learn c political, economic and social changes in Russia since 1985 and have a direct impact on creating the image of modern Russia in the world. The program is designed and taught in close collaboration with the practitioners of the government, diplomats, financial experts, Industrialists, representatives of mass media, public organizations and representatives of culture.

When training on the PhD program of Russian and Eurasian Studies, students conduct research at the intersection of disciplines such as history, social policy, media, culture and religion of Russia.

"Never before has the study of the Russian experience in a global context was not so important," says Institute Director Dr. Samuel green. "Thanks to the openness and global integration, Russia plays a very important role in the world community, so understanding the policies and possibilities of interaction it is impossible to overestimate."

King's Russia Institute opened in 2012. The main purpose of this Institute is the study of Russia, the establishment of research projects and research for the degree of PhD, as well as the development of academic links with Russian institutions of higher education.

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