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5.02.10. Cambridge University opened the Center for the study of children's literature

In early February of this year, Cambridge University has opened a center for the study of children's literature (Centre for Children's Literature), which, along with the research of literary works of famous children's authors, will study children's comics, blogs, and video games.

The center became part of the University's faculty of education. Professor Maria Nikolaeva, first Director of the Center, commented on the need for its creation: "Everyone can remember a book or movie from your childhood that had a significant influence on the formation of worldview. For children, it is often secret and sacred places which they can visit, and we need to study them if we want to improve their training and development."
The curriculum and research of the new Centre will form the folklore and magical works, including "treasure Island", "Tom's Midnight garden", the book about Harry Potter. The texts of television programs, comics and films for children will be considered by the researchers as well as the texts of the books. The main aim of the new Centre is the study of promises and ideas derived by children from books and other media.
The newly formed teaching and research institution claims to be unique because it will connect the existing division between the analysis of children's books and works on social Sciences related to psychology. The center will consist of a dozen faculty and graduate students who will study the reaction of children to a variety of informational materials — books, movies and games. Based on materials The Times.