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12.04.10. The better your university, the better your career network

The people you meet at university can have a major influence on your career, so the 'better' your university - better teaching, better facilities, and better peers - the more useful those contacts will be.

MBAs are particularly good at making the best use of networks and contacts made during university.  'UK [business] schools are boosting their efforts to meet increasing student expectations beyond the course itself,' says Jeanette Purcell, chief executive of the Association of MBAs. According to Amba, the key elements needed for a flourishing alumni network are frequent opportunities for networking, both online and in person, easy access to a good range of alumni groups and events wherever you are in the world, and continuing support with career and personal development.

But it need not only apply to business students - the Oxford Business Alumni network has 7,000 members, half of whom are business school graduates and half from across the university. Alumni regularly come back to help with recruitment and careers.  The broad mixture is helpful to business and non-business students alike. Read full text here.