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11.02.10. The tightening of visa regulations for foreign students leads to financial problems of the universities

Visa restrictions on foreign students seeking to study in the UK, are becoming more stringent: there is an increase in fees, must submit biometric data, to ensure a sufficient amount of savings to demonstrate English language proficiency at a high level, besides those who came to study for a period less than six months, cannot bring family.

The purpose of such restrictions is to reduce the number of scams that seek to the UK for education and in search of unskilled work; however, as a result of these innovations universities and colleges complain about the reduction of their income, because foreign students are the category that brings the economy from £5 million to £8 million annually.

For Russians it is important to note that to recruit students from countries outside the EU, will not all the universities. Currently, this list will automatically include public universities, and the list of private colleges and universities will be determined by the 6th of April.