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What's included:
Analyzing your grades
Advice on improving grades
Keeping in touch with your tutor

Monitoring the progress

Every year we see many preparatory course students get overwhelmed by the new educational system, language, culture, and, as a result, fail their exams. Low grades do not allow progression to the university. Money and effort spent on the application, studying, and accommodation go to waste. This is why we have created our “Monitoring the progress” service which allows the parents to get information on the academic success of their child in time.


The content of the consultation

  • 1
    Before the academic year starts, we will provide our recommendations on how to release the student’s full potential and boost the chances of progression to the university
  • 2
    We will be gathering reports on the academic progress and attendance lists
  • 3
    We will comment on the academic progress and explain the academic terms used in the documents
  • 4
    We will evaluate the student’s chances of passing the exams and progressing to the university
  • 5
    If the level of the academic progress is not sufficient, we will reach out to the tutor to get their advice and recommendations on how to improve the academic performance
  • 6
    We will provide tutor’s advice and recommendations in the form of a report

Frequently asked question

In order to allow your child to reach their maximum academic potential, it is always better to start preparing in advance. Learning English from an early age and continuing to improve it is important. Besides, practicing academic writing in English would also be beneficial. Independence and responsibility are key to achieving success at a university abroad. This is why it is crucial to teach your child to be responsible for their academic progress.

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Monitoring during the year 294 £
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