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English language courses in Oxford

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Regent Language Training Oxford

 United Kingdom, Oxford

От 16 лет


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English language in Oxford

Oxford-old English town located on the banks of the Thames, 90 km North-West of the British capital. The main pride of this small town is the oldest in the UK University of Oxford, University # 1 in the country, according to the most authoritative British educational publications, from which more than 50 Nobel laureates.

For centuries, the world's leading scientists worked at the University, transferring knowledge to new generations, Oxford literally created in order to study there. The unique atmosphere of ancient learning like nothing else can motivate to hard work, English language courses in Oxford. In the city you will meet a lot of students have already passed this difficult path is a great incentive for those who are still not very confident speaking English!

What to study for English language courses in Oxford

School in Oxford to learn English language offers the following programs:

  • General English course — all levels.
  • Certificates for knowledge of English as a foreign language — IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge certificate of English.
  • English for business, Business English.

Summer English language courses

English language summer courses in Oxford for adults do not differ in content from programs that run throughout the rest of the year. Some discount is available for early booking summer programs - although this is not always practiced, and the details can be found at the website of the chosen language school.

Where to live in Oxford

In the package of English language courses in Oxford with accommodation usually includes a choice of:

  • Accommodation in a British family — Breakfast, Breakfast/dinner, at least — without meal (the cheapest option);
  • Hostel — Breakfast;
  • Dorm (Student's house);
  • Apartments — no meals;
  • The hotel Breakfast (the most expensive option).

In most cases, language schools offer students the accommodation options, and look for them independently is not required.

One of the most popular options for the duration of study — English language courses in Oxford for 2 weeks. According to the students, this time is optimal from the point of view of Finance expended and the result achieved. Two weeks of training at a language school in Oxford are to make significant advances in the study of the language, enough to fully experience the features of cultural and language environment.

The cost of English language courses in Oxford

The approximate cost of English language courses in Oxford for 2 weeks homestay:

  • General English, 20 lessons from £762;
  • General English, intensive course, 25 lessons — from £945;
  • General English, intensive, Study & Live in your Teacher's Home' — from £2062;
  • General English + preparation for language exams IELTS, intensive course, 30 lessons — from £908;
  • General English group 20 lessons + 5 lessons individually — from £1071.

Also don't forget to budget the cost of food and transport from £200 a week, tickets and visa.

What else could you do in Oxford?

In spare language courses in Oxford time you get bored just do not have! The city has something to see and do. The historic University buildings, museums, famous pubs and shops in Oxford attract tourists from around the world.