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English language courses in Canada

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Learning English in Canada is a great opportunity to learn more about this distant country, to experience its cosmopolitan atmosphere and get acquainted with its hospitable people, whose courtesy has become almost legendary.

Canada has two official languages English and French. All English provinces are Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador. And in the province of new-Brunswick both languages — English and French are official.

Courses and schools for learning English in all provinces of Canada, and the quality of teaching in them to a greater extent depends on the reputation, methods, teachers, accreditation, than location.

Canadian English is very close to the American version, although the native speakers in some cases mark the difference in pronunciation — and often even joke about it. As to the spelling of canadian English is closer to British.

Learn English in Canada interesting at least in order to understand the nuances of the English language by native speakers. In addition, Canadians are very sociable, and a large amount of language practice the student provided. And of course, the person who studied the language in an English school in Canada, is understood in any English-speaking country.

English courses in Canada for adults

Adults planning to study English in Canada, can choose General or special programs, which include business English, academic English for students preparing for the examinations for language certificates IELTS / TOEFL, English for teachers. Many schools organized an official reception centres exams.

Schools, teach English in Canada for adults, as a rule, provide a range of options for its study. The student can tailor to suit your needs literally everything — from training time and the size of the group and ending with interesting topics and formats (parsing grammar, topic selection, creation and preparation of presentations in group and individual lessons with the teacher).

English language training in Canada is conducted with application of progressive methods and the results are not forced himself to wait. Judging by the responses, many of them reporting significant progress even after two weeks of English courses in Canada.

The cost of English language courses in Canada with accommodation

Canada is one of the countries with the most expensive price of education in the English language. This is true in terms of prices of English courses in Canada.

English language training in Canada with accommodation will cost from 30 thousand for 2 weeks without accommodation. Two-week English course and one to two weeks on the tour — perhaps the most popular format of training and recreation in Canada.

Prices for English language courses in Canada of accommodation vary from the chosen type of housing. Those who decide to stay at the Dorm will spend on tuition and accommodation about 70 thousand rubles. Learning well with living in a canadian family, type of housing, meal plan and will range from 80 to 200 thousand. To the amount don't forget to add the cost of tickets, food, visa and other expenses during your stay in the country.

Summer English courses in Canada

Learn English in Canada in the summer can not only courses, but also short-term programmes at universities (combining the study of language and the study of the chosen subject). Children and teenagers are best suited the camp with learning English in Canada.

Canada has a very beautiful and diverse nature, great ski resorts and lakes. This country is interesting to visit in any season, but summer may be the most comfortable with in terms of weather and the availability of free time. Choosing English language summer courses in Canada, don't forget to make yourself an interesting cultural program. In fact, many language schools are happy to help their students.