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English language courses in Australia

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Useful notes about English language courses in Australia

Australia - an exotic continent, worth visiting at least once in their life dreams, probably everyone, but solved a few, because Australia is literally on the other side of the world.

Australia and modern and traditional at the same time. A dynamic and technologically advanced metropolises, looking to the future, who created real masterpieces of world architecture (e.g. Sydney Opera house), peacefully coexist with traditional values and a constitutional monarchy — formally, the country still manages the British Queen.

The official language of Australia is English, and it attracted not only tourists but also students and many English language learners.

About Australian school of English

Opportunities for English language study in Australia more than enough — there are many good language courses and schools. However, it is very important to verify the presence of the school has the necessary accreditations and formal opportunities to accept foreign students. From these considerations it is better to book English language courses in Australia with accommodation to confirm the availability of accommodation for visa must.

English school in Australia is in high demand with foreigners, they are students written, perhaps, the most inspirational and enthusiastic — in short, the best reviews.

The cost of English language courses in Australia

Learning a language in Australia can be relatively inexpensive, what can be said about accommodation, visa and, most importantly, flights.

Here are some examples of prices for English tuition with accommodation and without it (English is considered for adults and adolescents from 16 years). In an average week studying English without the rest of the expenses will cost 17 -19 thousand. Two-week English course in Australia with accommodation will cost about 64 - 66 thousand rubles. This amount includes also the service charge of the school.

The prices are slightly higher or broadly comparable with Britain and lower than in the United States. A little cheaper to study English in New Zealand.

Counting the full cost of the course, don't forget to add the cost of visa, medical certificates and insurance, and the most expensive tickets. And go for 2 weeks to learn English so far it makes little sense, and long duration also have a significant effect on the budget.

The conclusion is that if on their own English courses in Australia are relatively inexpensive, the total cost of the trip will be significantly higher than a similar tour in Europe and even in America.

Summer school and camp in Australia studying English

In the case of Australia summer courses and camps of the English language more correctly called the winter, because the winter on the continent starts in June.

Winter in Australia is the rainy season, sometimes even snow, the temperature is rarely higher than +20, and the minimum values of +3-0°. However, in the period from June to August it is often possible to swim in the ocean or lakes, and skiing and snowboarding. The coolest month in Australia is July.

Be sure to consider this feature when deciding on the trip to summer camp or school. With language learning in an accredited school will be fine, but whether you and your children two winters in a row — let one of them even Australian?