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NYFA, BFA, Filmmaking

 United States


Study mode Start date Duration Fee international Fee study period Year of study
Full-time Jan, May, Sep years: 3 $47832 Academic year 2019 - 2020

Our three-year Bachelor's in film is for highly motivated students who would like to enter an intensive, hands-on course of study. By completing the Bachelor's degree in three years, students:

  • Save one year of expenses.
  • Enter the field of their choice a year early.

The Academy makes this accelerated schedule possible by creating an extended academic year, allowing students to complete three full-length semesters in each calendar year. Students may also choose to complete the program in a traditional four-year time frame.

New York Film Academy filmmaking BFA degree programs are offered at our Los Angeles and South Beach Campuses.

Qualified students have the option of completing course work at the New York Film Academy in New York City in a one-year non-degree program and then applying their course work to be accepted for advanced standing in the BFA Filmmaking degree program.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program in Filmmaking employs a total immersion approach to the subject, where students develop a powerful arsenal of skills in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and producing. Students work in all formats from 16mm and HD to 35mm and RED Dragon as they write, direct, shoot, and edit their own films. A strong grounding in the liberal arts and sciences serves to inform students' work and give them a well-rounded undergraduate education.

The New York Film Academy's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking is unlike any other film school; it is an accelerated intensive degree program that can be completed in three years. One benefit of this is that students may begin internships or professional work a year earlier than they would in a standard bachelor's program, and of course save a year of tuition and expenses. It requires a rigorous schedule; students are in class or production for eleven months of the year. There are short breaks between each each of the three years, and a two week winter break during the holiday season.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) is distinguished from a standard Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree by its in-depth study of and professional training in the arts. In the BFA, two thirds of the degree is devoted to study and practice in fine arts and one third to general liberal arts and sciences (that ratio would be reversed for an art major in a traditional BA program). The BFA student has opportunity for deep exploration and mastery of their art.

Our BFA in Filmmaking offers a well-rounded collegiate education in the Arts and Humanities and Social and Natural Sciences, with a comprehensive study of — and practice in — the art and craft of filmmaking. During the three years of study, each student will write, shoot, direct, and edit 12 film projects of increasing complexity. In addition, students will work in key crew positions on their classmates' films.

BFA Filmmaking graduates will complete the program with a solid academic foundation in the arts and sciences, and an in-depth understanding of film production. They will enter the field with critical thinking and research skills developed in their academic classes as well as essential knowledge from the study of literature, art history, psychology, and philosophy. This specialized degree will prepare them to pursue their own paths in film and related fields as creative professionals.



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The New York Film Academy is truly a global film school with locations throughout the world where students can study filmmaking, acting, and much more. Each location offers a variety of workshops taught by established professionals that are designed to give students the best possible hands-on education. 

New York City Campus

Located in historic Battery Park overseeing the Statue of Liberty, our New York City campus offers numerous short-term workshops and one- and two- year programs in filmmaking, acting, photography, musical theatre, and much more.

Los Angeles Campus

With facilities adjacent to the Universal Studios backlot, students have the unique opportunity to earn an AFA, BA, BFA, MA, and MFA degree or attend a short-term workshop in a variety of visual storytelling disciplines that include filmmaking, acting, game design, and much more.

South Beach, Florida

Earn BFA or MFA Degree in Filmmaking or Acting for Film in the sunny environs of South Beach.

Gold Coast, Australia

With facilities at the Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, NYFA in Australia offers both one-year programs and short-term workshops in filmmaking and acting for film.

Harvard University

Students have the opportunity to spend their summers attending one of NYFA’s famous workshops at Harvard University in filmmaking, acting for film, or 3D animation.

Florence, Italy

Study filmmaking and acting for film in the cradle of the Renaissance with our short-term workshops and one-year programs. 

Paris, France

A city that has served as a muse for countless filmmakers, students have the option to spend a summer studying filmmaking and acting in a variety of short-term workshops.

Beijing, China

In conjunction with Beijing Film Academy, students can attend our filmmaking workshops in Beijing, China.

Shanghai, China

In conjunction with the Shanghai Film Art Academy, NYFA offers summer workshops for students interested in acting for film.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located in the heart of Amsterdam in the Beurs van Berlage building, students study and practice filmmaking in this historic and beautiful city.

Moscow, Russia

Steeped in history and famous sights, NYFA in Moscow provides students the chance to study filmmaking, digital editing, producing, and screenwriting in short-term workshops.

Mumbai, India

Students can attend hands-on NYFA workshops in the heart of Bollywood.