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Full-time Sep years: 4 $25400 Academic year 2017 - 2018

The Fashion Merchandising and Management degree programs at Berkeley College integrate the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry. Incorporating current technologies, courses provide students with training in consumer behavior, product development, merchandising, retail distribution, marketing, and sales, covering the complete fashion global supply chain.

Potential career paths include:

  • Product development
  • Retail buying and merchandising
  • Allocation and planning
  • Omni-channel retail management
  • Brand communications

Students benefit from courses taught by fashion faculty selected for their academic credentials and professional experience, in addition to guest lectures and presentations from industry experts. A comprehensive capstone course and participation in a supervised internship allow students to apply their education in the fashion workplace. Field trips to retailers and showrooms, as well as volunteer opportunities during New York Fashion Week, provide additional hands-on learning.

Benefit from:

  • An understanding of the complete fashion global supply chain from materials sourcing to omni-channel retail distribution
  • Opportunities to explore consumer and buyer trends, develop fashion products, evaluate production needs and costs, determine proper retail strategies and use support technologies
  • The ability to apply proper marketing and sales techniques to fashion business operations
  • Participation in faculty-monitored fashion internships or industry-related activities
  • Access to New York City’s fashion industry and support network
  • A seamless transition between Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees

Career Opportunities

Fashion is a global industry where fashion designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, and retailers from all over the world collaborate to design, manufacture, and sell products. Graduates of the Fashion Merchandising and Management program can apply for such positions as buyers and purchasing agents.


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Louis Loja

Assistant Director of Admissions at Berkeley College

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The New York area is the heart of economic activity, offering close proximity to Fortune 500 firms, financial institutions, the New York Stock Exchange and major technology and consulting companies. New York is also considered a fashion capital.  Major design houses are also nearby.