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moscow state university

Russian Higher Education System Ranks in the World Top-30

The latest QS ranking put Russia among the world leaders for the higher education quality. The Russian system has proven to outperform ones in Malaysia, Israel and Austria, which makes it 26th on the list.

Evening Study at Birkbeck, University of London

Birkbeck, University of London certainly stands out from the crowd. The institution’s commitment to its proud history of educating working professionals means that all teaching takes place after 6pm, a unique feature among campus universities in the UK.

Interview with Dmitry, a graduate student of the MSU (TOP in Russia) Faculty of Economics and current PhD student at Stanford University

Dmitry talks about his experience of studying at Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University and the Stanford University and shares his thoughts about economic science.

How to get into a TOP Russian university MSU in 7 steps

Step by step guidance for international students how to start studying at the Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University.

Top 10 Interesting Inventions from British Universities This Year

UK universities have always been known for their research capabilities. In fact in most fields British universities are the best researchers in the world.

The new website about education in the UK

Education Index was created to give Russian students access to comprehensive, impartial and structured information about higher education in the UK.


At the start of 2009 a survey was conducted of more than 100 Russian students undertaking higher education in Britain. Questions covered the difficulties students encountered choosing courses, applying, finding funding, and during their studies. The students' responses formed the basis for the development of this site. UK governmental organisations that work at the higher-education system provided the necessary information and statistics. This information was then converted into a convenient format for Russian users. At the end of 2009 the Anglo-Russian Education Index website was launched.

Finding a course and institution

The Education Index search system gives the unique option of selecting courses at UK institutions according to the criteria that Russian students studying in the UK have identified as most important.

There are two search options:

  • Basic – the first step. This allows you to sort courses by subject, level of qualification and mode of study.
  • Advanced – further paring-down of the list of courses. This refines your first search according to factors such as entry requirements, quality of teaching, quality of IT equipment/laboratories/libraries, institution's subject specialism, graduate career prospects.

Both searches include help information, marked with a Help.
Statistics and information about UK institutions can be found in the Universities A-Z catalogue.

Why is it worth undertaking higher education overseas?

The main advantages of good higher education overseas, according to Russian students that graduated from British institutions, include:

  • An excellent practical – as well as theoretical – understanding of your subject, and first-rate professors;
  • Qualifications recognised and sought after worldwide;
  • The prestige of Western European and North American education;
  • Increase of your career potential and “value” on the graduate job market;
  • Development of knowledge and skills sought after in practically all industries;
  • Experience that enables you to develop your personality, expand your worldview and appreciate different outlooks and cultures.

The beginning

The British higher education system has a very long history and education in the UK is recognised as amongst the best in the world. It is for this very reason that Education Index took UK higher-education institutions as its starting point. It is currently under development for a number of other countries.

Many believe education overseas to be much less accessible than it really is, and we hope that this resource will do something to dispel this myth.

Sources of Stats used by League Tables

Higher Education quality standards in the UK are among the highest in the world. As a part of the efforts to achieve this result, statistical data are thoroughly collected and analysed. Below we provide a list of main information and statistics providers for Higher Education sector in the UK. In reality there are much more organisations dealing with the data collection and analysis but we will enlist those which most often appear as information sources for today’s popular university rankings.

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