Cardiff University, PhD, Microbiology

 United Kingdom


Study mode Start date Duration
Full-time Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul years: 3
Part-time Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul years: 0 - 5
Areas of research centre on environmental; medical; and applied microbiology; all the major groups of microorganisms are studied including: Bacteria; archaea; protozoa; filamentous fungi; and yeast; research supervision areas include: Environmental microbiology; medical microbiology; applied microbial biochemistry and genetics.

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Josh Fairweather

International Officer at Cardiff University

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Cardiff is located on the coast of South Wales, which has beautiful national parks and beaches only 30 minutes away. Cardiff is approximately 230km (145 miles) west of London and is easily accessed by train in about 2 hours. Cardiff has excellent transport links (ranked 1st in the UK for the most transport friendly city) with an international airport that has flights to many cities in Europe.