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Standard Occupational Classification

Those students who successfully completed the course and are currently employed, 6 months after graduation, give details of their employment and employer in National Students Survey conducted every year among students of all universities in the UK. From this, a standard occupational classification is applied, which is linked to one of the following job types:

Administrative occupations - Finance

Administrative occupations - General Secretarial and related occupations

Administrative occupations - Government and related organisations

Administrative occupations - Records

Administrative occupations Communications

Architects, town planners, surveyors

Artistic and literary occupations

Business and finance associate professionals

Business and statistical professionals

Caring personal service occupations

Conservation associate professionals

Corporate managers and senior officials

Customer service occupations

Design associate professionals

Draughts persons and building inspectors

Elementary occupations

Engineering professionals

Financial institution and office managers

Functional managers

Health and social services managers

Health associate professionals

Health professionals

Information and communication technology professionals

IT service delivery occupations

Legal associate professionals

Legal professionals

Leisure and other personal service occupations

Librarians and related professionals

Managers in distribution, storage and retailing

Managers and proprietors in agriculture and services

Media associate professionals

Production managers

Protective service occupations

Protective service officers

Process, plant and machine operatives

Public service and other associate professionals

Public service professionals

Quality and customer care managers

Research professionals

Sales and related associate professionals

Sales assistants and retail cashiers

Sales related occupations

Science and engineering technicians

Science professionals

Skilled trades occupations

Social welfare associate professionals

Sports and fitness occupations

Teaching professionals


Transport associate professionals