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Relocation support: Documents from the University - Reservation residence - Accounting deadlines.

Relocation support

Moving to another country often turns out to be challenging for the student as they have to juggle many things at the same time – paying the tuition fees to obtain the visa, booking the accommodation, gathering all the necessary documents and belongings. We will be glad to help you make the process of moving to another country as smooth as possible, meeting the deadlines, getting all the required documents and remembering to take all the necessary things with you.

What's included

Relocation guide



Correspondence with the university



Receiving CAS/I-20

Filling out questionnaires

More information about the services

Our relocation guide has accumulated experience of many graduates from different countries of the world. The guide contains information needed for quick and efficient organization of student life in another country:
  1. The budget
  2. The transfer of funds
  3. Opening a bank account
  4. What you should and shouldn’t bring with you
  5. Student clubs
  6. What to do during the first month of stay, and more
We will be glad to provide up to 2 hours of consultation with our expert via Skype, phone and e-mail for all matters concerning moving to another country.
We will help you to establish communication with the University via e-mail and phone regarding any matters of your relocation.
We will help you book a room the university residence, to deal with all issues of accommodation, and sign the agreement with the residence.
To apply for a student visa, you must have a document issued by the university (it is known as CAS in the UK and I-20 in the US) that enlists the details of your programme of study, its duration, and other relevant information. We will be happy to communicate with the university and make sure you receive it in time.
We will check all the required application forms that you will need to fill out, including those for receiving for CAS / I-20, reserving the accommodation, paying the tuition and accommodation fees, etc.

Within the scope of Relocation Support service we will

  • 1
    Provide your acceptance of the offer to the university
  • 2
    Consult you on transfers of the tuition payments
  • 3
    Help you check that the funds have cleared
  • 4
    Consult you on choosing the right type of accommodation
  • 5
    Help you with the accommodation application
  • 6
    Make sure the university has received all the documents required for the unconditional offer
  • 7
    Make sure that the university has issued CAS/I-20 in time so that you can apply for the student visa
  • 8
    Consult you on opening a bank account abroad and providing the funds necessary to cover the living costs
  • 9
    Give advice what you should and shouldn’t go with you when going to study abroad
  • 10
    Help you organize transfer from the airport to the university if necessary (transfer fees are not included)

Frequently asked question

It sure is. For example, you can order only the relocation guide and help with booking the accommodation. Please check the price of separate services with our managers.
We currently provide guides for the UK and the US and will be realising guides for Canada and Australia shortly. Other than the guide, we will be happy to help you move to any country.

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