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How Great is it Actually Going to University in London? And why universities open their campuses there?

More than 40 higher education institutions are based in the capital, but that has not deterred others from setting up outposts in the city in recent years. A dozen universities based elsewhere in the UK have established campuses in London, with more planning to follow.

Top 10 Interesting Inventions from British Universities This Year

UK universities have always been known for their research capabilities. In fact in most fields British universities are the best researchers in the world.

At Least One in Five British University Graduates Becomes a Millionaire

One person in five who receives university education becomes a millionaire, according to official figures. Twenty per cent of all adults who hold at least one university degree — more than two million people — now have wealth totalling at least £1 million, data from the Office for National Statistics show

3D tour of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics (MESI)

Now everyone can see MESI inside and go to the real 3D-tour! This is a unique opportunity, you can do it from anywhere in the world!

Differences in education systems

Many of the day-to-day features and processes of present-day Russia and the CIS have their roots in Soviet times. Amongst these is the strong – but different in many ways from Western models – Higher Education system, and also still the significant cultural detachment and closedness.


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PgDip/PgDip/PgCert/PgCert/MSc/MSc Clinical Nutrition

University of Roehampton

Degree: Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate / Master of Science

About PgDip/PgDip/PgCert/PgCert/MSc/MSc Clinical Nutrition, University of Roehampton

Duration and study mode:
1 years full-time
1 years full-time
1 years full-time
From 2 to 4 years part-time
From 2 to 4 years part-time
From 2 to 4 years part-time
Entry requirements:

Degree in nutrition, life sciences, medicine, nursing, psychology, or equivalent normally required; applications also welcome from candidates with other appropriate experience or qualifications, e.g. members of nutrition support teams in hospitals (dieticians, doctors, nurses, speech and language therapists and pharmacists); also intended for students intending to pursue clinically-based nutrition research which does not require state registration as dietician; special entry considered by means of qualifying examination.

Start date: Sep

Course Stats

Number of registered students: Nutrition (full-time) - 10
% unemployed after 6 months post graduation:
% of graduates received graduate jobs:


Department: Single Tier Structure / School of Human and Life Science
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8392 3000

Detailed information about statistics used can be found here.